Wahl Pro Lithium Cordless Hair Clipper

Posted: November 12, 2016
Wahl Pro Lithium Cordless Hair Clipper

Treat yo'self to a professional buzz, or at least F up your hair using the exact same clippers the pros do with Wahl's Sterling Li Pro Cordless Clipper. Intended for professional use only, but available to anyone with clicky fingers and an Amazon account.

At least one thing the Sterling Li Pro has going for it is that it would look a helluva lot better sitting on my bathroom countertop than my current clunky, scuffed-up Tar-jay especiale. The sleek, curvy design is supposed to be ergonomic too, with a one-piece housing for hand comfort during extending use.

Another perk Wahl has given its cordless clipper: a chip-controlled motor that maintains consistent cutting power regardless of battery charge or hair type. The lithium-ion battery can also run for 75 minutes on a full charge.

On its business end, the Sterling Li Pro has a quick-detach blade and 6 slide-on cutting guides (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" 1"). Buyers will also receive the auto recharging stand, oil, a cleaning brush, and a red blade guard.

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