The HeadBlade

Posted: February 16, 2012
The HeadBlade
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Olympians, UFC behemoths, crazy old baller John Salley, and four out of five men who regularly slash their scalps with traditional blades agree: the HeadBlade is the razor of smooth-domed champions. Just nestle the HeadBlade in the palm of your hand, slide your middle finger through its adjustable ring, and push the wheeled rig like a lawnmower along the arc of your brain case for flawless Go-Go Gadget head stubble removal.

HeadBlades come in a variety of models, including the Classic, the Sport, the translucent Ghost, and the souped-up stainless steel pimp daddy of handheld barbers, the S4 Eclipse. Prices are: $13 for the Classic, $15 for the Sport and Ghost, and $99 for the S4. Sport upgrades from the Classic include a rubberized finger ring for better grip, and hard rubber wheels in place of plastic, while the S4 is just wholly sleeker, denser, blacker, and badder than the rest. The Ghost is more expensive because it looks like it was made by Apple.

HeadBlade has its own line of razor refills, but the apparati (that's a totally legit pluralization, just like penii) also accept Gillette Atra (Plus) and Schick Ultrex blades. Check out the video for a demo on the proper, bleed-free method of use.

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