The Godfather Safety Razor

Posted: December 15, 2016
The Godfather Safety Razor
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Treat the Godfather right and he'll lend you a hefty, solid brass and bronze hand, and give you smooth, manly shave with his raw, platinum-coated super blades. Treat the Godfather wrong and...he'll cut you.

A strange mixture of metaphors and global influences, the Godfather safety razor comes to us from Vikings Blade, an Australia-based men's grooming company with Swedish heritage and influences. It's a shaving utensil based on the tradition of a heavy duty head and feel, with a microcomb system along the edges to help prevent nicks. Vikings Blade razors are handcrafted from imported Swedish materials--brass and bronze alloys--and coated with chrome glossed to supershine. The company emphasizes the razors are not made from pot metals or zamak.

The Godfather comes in a leatherette and suede travel case and includes 5 extra unbranded blades. Sound like an offer you can't refuse?

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