Tetra Soap - Slip-Free Bar Soap

Posted: October 04, 2020
Tetra Soap - Slip-Free Bar Soap

Tetra Soap is here to ruin the ol' drop a bar of slippery soap in the shower joke: this tetrapod-shaped sudser swears to be 100% slip-free when you use it.

In addition to its unique, grip-friendly shape - Baby Boomers, think of playing jacks, Gen Xers, think of Tetris, everyone, think of creative sex toys! - Tetra Soap's 30-day cold process curing method helps it develop a rich lather during use that doesn't ultimately devolve into a slimy bar that's slippery when wet.

Tetra Soap is made predominantly of skin-moisturizing Italian extra virgin olive oil and organic citrus bioflavonoids. It comes in Concrete Grey, which uses a lightly scented formula or myrrh, tea tree, and sandalwood essential oils, and Limestone Green, with frankincense, pelargonium, litsea cubeba, and rosemary essential oils.

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