Sphynx On-the-Go Razor for Women

Posted: December 14, 2018
Sphynx Portable Razor for Women
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A Sphynx portable razor might not seem like a homerun gift for a woman this holiday season - and, unless she has a fur allergy, I'd go with a non-bald breed of cat if you plan to get her a kitten - but the crafty Sphynx you see heremakes a decent argument for getting wrapped up and tucked under the tree.

The 3-in-1 system allows for quick shaves and, more importantly according to my wife, touchups of that patch ladies' forever miss around their knee, from anywhere. Sphynx kits come with swappable "toppings" for the donut-shaped base: one is a refillable water spritzer; the second a pre-shave moisturizing bar; and the third the razor blade itself.

The grooming tools not in use store inside the Sphynx on a wheel mechanism. To rotate between them, twist the knob on the front of the base.

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