Skull Shaver

Posted: February 12, 2015
Skull Shaver
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To raze or not to raze, that is the balding man's question. And thankfully it's one my lush bonsai tree of locks and I will never have to answer. But for the Thinners and Receders out there, plus anyone who just digs going follicularly commando, consider the Skull Shaver.

While it can be used on the face, the Skull Shaver is an electric razor designed specifically for head grooming. Turn your kiwi into a honeydew with its ergonomic horizontal grip and concave blade shape, paired with a large swirling shaver head with 5 rotary cutters. The Skull Shaver aims to deliver a fast, close shave over large areas of the head with cutters that are also individually flexible and super thin for automatic adjustment to every curve of the scalp (or face, or back if you need to go there). Shaving is possible in any direction, including in a circular motion.

Skull Shavers are rechargeable dry shaving devices that can be used anywhere.

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