Six Shooter Shave Brushes

Posted: February 04, 2013
Six Shooter Shave Brushes

You've had clean shaves, close shaves, and probably much-needed shaves, but have you ever had a .44 caliber shave? Six Shooter Shave Brushes, from badger bristles to authentic shell casing handles, will deliver a face full of lather bubbly and rich enough to blow any man away. Probably. I wouldn't know personally, as I have transcended the typical follicular growth patterns of mankind and therefore need not grow lip and chin pubes at all. I've only ever used a shave brush to sweep the Cheetos crumbs out of the nooks and crannies of my keyboard.

Six Shooter Shave Brushes don't come cheap, but they do come slightly cheaper than actual six shooters. The revolver body, available in 9 different colors and styles, is hand crafted from a solid piece of anodized aluminum, and holds a removable/replaceable 20mm brush. Nickel bullet casings complete the effect, and a paulownia box readies the razor companion for presentation to your favorite cops, military personnel, groomsmen, and...I don't know...other people who dig guns. Geez, do I have to find the gifts and figure out who to give them to?

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