Sir Hare Head Shaving Oil

Posted: October 15, 2014
Sir Hare Head Shaving Oil
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I say if you're balding, go bald or go home. Because if you stay out everyone's just going to shit on your receding hairline, bad rug, or sprouting plugs behind your back.

And once you do make the leap to glistening frictionless dome, you'll have companies like the ironically named Sir Hare to tend to your shaving and head treatment needs. Sir Hare makes grooming products for those hairless of both head and face. Their cornerstone tincture, a head shaving oil, hopes to rid bald men of the creamed "Can of Goo" they are currently using to remove follicular growth.

Sir Hare takes issue with both the smell of shaving cream and the scalp dryness it leaves behind, so they created a head shaving oil that replaces foams entirely. It plus a razor are all you'll need to generate what they guarantee will be the best up-top shave of your life. Bottle contents include moisturizing Vitamin E, grapeseed oil to facilitate the razor's glide and promote skin health, the naturally antiseptic tea tree oil, and handcrafted fragrances to leave you with a subtle scent that hopefully doubles as lady bait.

Sir Hare's head shaving oil comes in Beach Bum (Coconut), Purist (Sensitive Skin), Lumberjack (Pine Outdoor Scent), and Gentleman (Fresh Musk Scent). Each bottle should last for several months.

Sir Hare head shaving oil is a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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