Shoe Shine Kits

Posted: February 06, 2015
Shoe Shine Kits
$80 - $180
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Based on Vancouver Island, Canada, Shinekits.com caters to men who appreciate the classics. Straight razors. Suspenders. The pair of leather boots that lasts a lifetime. Their line of shoe shine kits emulates this type of contemporary throwback man, embodying "the qualities of workmanship, value and timelessness."

The kits' backbone, the Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit, begins as a box handcrafted from Vancouver Island Douglas Fir or Cedar, with mahogany accents reclaimed from the SS Princess Mary steamship. Buyers have a choice of a golden honey or warm cocoa box stain and waxed finish. Inside you'll find: 2 x horse hair applicator brushes; 2 x horse hair buffing brushes; x 2 handmade Shinekits shoe shine cloths; and 3 x cans of Angelus shoe polish (Black, Brown and Neutral). A magnetic clasp holds the Ultimate box shut, and a hidden compartment under the applicator brushes provides a place to stash items that may or may not have anything to do with shining your shoes.

Shinekits' Cedar Fence Board Kit emulates the Ultimate, but with a more rough-hewn aesthetic. Its box is built from Red Cedar fence boards (aromatic after sanding) and contents are the same as those outlined above. Even more rugged men might prefer the Ammo Can Shoe Shine Kit. A slightly smaller compilation of brushes and polishes fill this military ammunition can repurposed from use in the field. Some are dented and some are scratched, but they're all designed to last forever.

Shinekits' final offering is a Leather Travel Shoe Shine Kit. The carrier is handcrafted by a local artisan leathersmith from, appropriately, American soft temper boot leather. It includes: 1 x can of your choice of Black or Brown polish; 1 x Brazilian horse hair polishing brush; 1 x horse hair applicator; and 1 x Shinekits shine cloth.

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