Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Posted: August 20, 2016
Rocky Mountain Barber Company
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The Rocky Mountain Barber Company invites (challenges?) all men to seek out their "inner lumberjack," latch onto it, and let 'er rip. Even if in real life you couldn't skin a log any better than you could caber toss it in competition. Founded by avid outdoorsmen, the Rocky Mountain Barber Company makes hair and beard care products from nature's finest. Sandalwood. Horse hair. Beeswax. Fish guts.

No, not fish guts.

For the elegantly bearded--or those who want to be--RMBC makes both hardwood and sandalwood beard combs. The one featured above is a double-sided sandalwood tidier, still infused with the material's smoky smell. A handmade finish leaves the comb and its teeth soft to the touch, but sturdy to the hand during use, and during carry.

All Rocky Mountain hair and beard combs come boxed and include a laser cut velvet-style padded packaging they say will last for life. The company recommends using their all-natural combs and brushes in tandem with their all-natural beard oil and balms. Naturally. And those who refuse to go full lumberjack / full hipster with full-frontal facial hair can rebel with a Rocky Mountain sandalwood-handled safety razor.

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