Quick-Dry Hair Bonnet

Posted: December 16, 2018
Quick-Dry Hair Bonnet
$19.61 - $28.43
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Who wants reduced hair frizz, increased natural shine, pumped-up volume, and a headpiece that makes you look like a cross between a Conehead and a syphilis microbe? Sounds like this Quick-Dry Hair Bonnet has gift for your girlfriend written all over it!

The hair dryer attachment has a hose at one end to hook up to your existing dryer, and an adjustable "bonnet" to cover your head. Kicking off your blowout this way supposedly facilitates faster drying with more even heat distribution, and less chance of overheating areas of the hair, which can make it frizzy and cause breakage.

The Quick-Dry Hair Bonnet also keeps your arms from getting tired during the drying process.

My only question is, what the follicle does a head of hair that's been dried all wadded up under a Quick-Dry Hair Bonnet look like when it comes back out?

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