Neon Shaving Gel

Posted: November 12, 2013
Neon Shaving Gel

What is, a man who ate his daughter's 1st birthday cake without a fork, Alex? No? What is...a makeshift Fraggle mask? No? OK, then how about you just tell me why this man has neon pink goo smeared on his face, Mr. Trebek?

Oh he's shaving, is he? He's shaving with pink shaving gel. Huh. Well that's lame.

Does it come in green?

Yes. Yes it does. In fact, Colour Me Shave comes in 5 brilliant neon hues poised to guarantee your razor never misses a spot again. Pink, green, blue, orange, and purple also boast unique scents that vendor Firebox promises are both "invigorating and reassuringly masculine." Hmm, wonder why they felt the need to address the masculinity issue.... Non-foaming neon shaving gels soften and hydrate skin with aloe vera and witch hazel extracts, and create protective, frictionless, and colorful barriers with the nurturing blood of Teletubbies.

Men, say goodbye to rough, razor-burned mugs, and hello to the next killer party in your life: The Shave Rave.

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