Mirror 180

Posted: September 18, 2013
Mirror 180
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The Mirror 180's joined splices allow it to tilt and reposition such that it reflects many a splendid thing. Namely, a more comprehensive view of me. One half of the mirror angles into 3 different positions, suiting a bevy of situational needs and decorative agendas. My favorite divides my handsome self into into a chest-up image on the left, and a chest-down image on the right. Both depictions are at eye level so I'll be more likely to notice that my fly is open prior to running into the neighbors' Swedish au pair at the bus stop and moving to inconspicuously adjust myself.

Alternative Mirror 180 positioning includes an option for two people to share the mirror without encroaching personal space, and a setting reflecting the ceiling plus another area of the surrounding room that contributes to a more interesting interior design or desired ambience.

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