Knuckle Duster Beard Comb

Posted: November 22, 2013
Knuckle Duster Beard Comb
$31.75 - $100
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Could the knuckle duster beard comb become the new pinky ring? Intimidating, yet decorative, with the added bonus of serving a pragmatic purchase? Oh boy! I hope this power play comes to pass. I'd consider the finger ring-face tine combo a must-have accessory for all men, bearded or not. Like me. The best I can grow on my face is a reddish pedostache and 2 misshapen patches of chin pubes, but I'd still use a knuckle comb to sagely scratch my chin and make menacing gestures at children and birds that get too close to me.

Knuckle duster beard combs are 3D-printed weapon cum facial hair groomers purchasable in polished plastic ($31.75), matte/polished gold or bronze steel ($98.50 to $100), and raw stainless steel ($97).

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