Handmade Custom Straight Razor Kit

Posted: September 06, 2018
Handmade Custom Straight Razor Kit
$350 - $550
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I know no one wants to hear about Christmas yet, but if you want to give ShaveSmith's handmade custom straight razor kits as gifts for men this holiday season, better start putting your orders in now. The "handmade" and "custom" parts of these exceptionally crafted shaving kits are no joke.

ShaveSmith handcrafts all parts of the straight razor kits, collaborating with buyers over email to establish preferred designs, details, and blade features. Blades are made from high carbon steel, hand ground into your choice of French, Spanish, round, square, or barber's notch tip. ShaveSmith then carves an elegant wood handle for holding and housing the blade, whittled from your choice of over 15 species of wood. Prices for the work, samples of which show blades etched with cresting waves and Celtic designs, and handles with aesthetics ancient to ultra-modern, are steep. They vary according to the level of kit you select - the larger the blade and more fine the handle material, the higher the price.

Classic custom straight razor kits come with a 5/8" wide blade with engraved steel and a handmade wood handle. Adorned kits at the other end come with damascus-style steel blades 8/8 (1") to 9/8" wide with ShaveSmith's "signature forge finish."

In addition to the straight razor, ShaveSmith kits also include a shaving guide for razor use, a leather strop, optionally pressed with initials, and a re-honing session coupon (you can send the razor in to ShaveSmith's Colorado shop and they'll sharpen it).

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