Groomarang Beard Styling & Shaping Template

Posted: December 09, 2016
Groomarang Beard Styling & Shaping Template

The Groomarang always returns...to the basics of good shaving and haircare practices. Tangle-free beards and mustaches. Crisp shaves. Clean neck lines. The curved comb serves as a shaving / clipping template for precise, symmetrical neck, cheek, and jaw lines, plus helps shape perfectly coifed goatees.

Groomarang instructions include diagrams and steps for using each of the lines and angles built into the comb. The inside "curver" helps to shape a tiday neck line. Positioning the Groomarang as a "J" against your face creates a path for shaving your desired cheek line. And for those who dig a sharp jaw line, go gun-shaped with the comb and shave over it.

When the cutting is complete, the Boomarang can also serve as a standard beard comb, and halp apply and distribute beard oil.

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