Fetus & Foot Soap

By: on August 13, 2012
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Fetuses & Feet. They go together like Salt & Pepper, Heisenberg & Pinkman, Mildly Disturbing & Steve Buscemi. In the surrealist world of Etsy vendor L.S., sickly fascinating soap #1 begins with a handmade mold mimicking fetus features and approximate size (2-1/2") at 12 to 13 weeks into the gestation period. The mold is then injected with a moisturizing goat's milk soap base, and surrounded by an embryonic sac of melt and pour-clear glycerin, which work into a healthy lather when agitated.

Geez, it's really difficult to walk the fine line and adhere to the rules of political correctness when talking about something so absurd. Fetus Soap! $15 Fetus Soap! Really! I'm going to go all Whitney Houston (may she rest in peace) and say that's as whack as crack. One interesting tidbit, though, is that I've always wondered what partially formed humans smell like, and apparently it's a refreshing blend of lavender essential oils.

Moving south from the bun in the oven, Foot Soap ($5) would seem to be a cleansing complement high on the novelty/gross-out factor, though overall significantly less unsettling than Fetus Soap. But that's before I tell you this: L.S. sculpted it using his/her own feet as a model. Ew. Look at the bottom. I'm down with many oddities and curiosities, but I do not think I'm down with using an exact replica of a stranger's calloused arches and toe knuckles to un-sully all my 2,000 body parts. However, I am enjoying the irony of the artist so realistically transforming what is perhaps the dirtiest part of the human body into a bearer of cleanliness.

Muchas danke to JoAnn R. for the Product Suggestion.

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