Dovo Classic Straight Razor

Posted: February 11, 2015
Dovo Classic Straight Razor
$115.99 - $123
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Dovo Steelware was founded in Solingen, Germany around 1906, and began producing implements of male face grooming in the 1930s. Nearly 100 years later the company is still supporting and still forging its classic straight-edge razor. If sharpened regularly and cared for properly (i.e., no using it to saw open boxes and plastic packaging) an investment in a Dovo should return a lifetime's worth of use. Manufactured by skilled craftsmen from peak quality Swedish steel, these razors accommodate both novice and veteran shavers craving the straight blade.

While some Amazon reviewers dispute it, Dovo razors claim to arrive shave-ready and are ideal for mustache and sideburn grooming. They are not intended to be used as a weapon. Or a toy. Or a magic wand.

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