Credit Card Razor & Mirror

Posted: February 20, 2013
Credit Card Razor & Mirror
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Good thing they didn't let me name this portable, credit-card-sized razor and mirror combo. I would have picked something stupid like Carzor. You know, credit card + razor = Carzor. Like how Brad + Angelina = ...oh wait, what would otherwise be a pretty rad and indubitably handy shaving tool is going by the uninspired name of Carzor. Whoops. Ever have one of those days where the only place your foot seems to be happy is in your mouth?

But although its moniker--which sounds like a face groomer for your car's mustache instead of your own--detracts from the Carzor's clever concept and execution, it doesn't overshadow them entirely. Slim enough to slip into a wallet, sharp enough to eliminate the 5 o'clock shadow on a Friday night...or Saturday morning...the razor set may be the ultimate urban jungle survival tool. Well, it and the tic threadless button mender.

With the razor clicked and secured between its surrounding mirror, Carzor dimensions are 3.4" x 2.1" x 0.1".

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