Braun Series 7 Electric Foil Shaver

Posted: March 02, 2016
Braun Series 7 Electric Foil Shaver
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In one sense, yeah, this is just a Braun electric razor. It's not brand new and it won't shave your beard into a Maine Coon cat topiary. But for being on the pricier side of men's grooming devices, the Series 7 Electric Foil Shaver has enjoyed mad sales and over 5,000 mad positive reviews for its power and toughness, even on coarse hair and over difficult to clip areas.

See, sometimes I show you guys high-tech crap. Sometimes brand new crap. Sometimes cool crap. Sometimes crap crap. The Series 7 razor is just crap I think you might actually could use.

Braun calls its Series 7 "the world's only intelligent Sonic technology," meaning that the razor automatically jacks up its power in difficult areas. It adapts to beard density at a rate of up to 10,000 micro vibrations per minute. It claims to do so gently and more efficiently than rotary shavers too, requiring fewer strokes and less pressure, and using flexible blades and a fully pivoting head to contour to facial curves.

As a point of reference for toughness, a lady on Amazon asked, "Can a woman use it on her legs?" A Series 7 user responded, "Positively. A woman could even shave her Schnauzer, if she were mindful of the dangly bits."

I wonder if by "Schnauzer" he means the lady's dog, the lady's lady parts, or the lady's husband's man parts.

Using the Series 7, you should be able to get shaves as close as 0.05mm--as thin as half a human hair. The razor also comes with a Clean & Charge station.

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