Big Ass Bricks of Soap

By: on August 28, 2014
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Duke Cannon would like you to know two things about his Big Ass Bricks of Soap. One, they are 3 times bigger than "feminine soaps." In other words, if you're not using a Big Ass Brick of "Smells Like Accomplishment" or "Smells Like Naval Supremacy" in the shower, you're using girl soap. Two, Duke Cannon's soap is "not for clowns." The literal and figurative kind. Sorry Krusty. Sorry Homer.

According to Duke Cannon's mouthpiece (or maybe Duke Cannon speaking in the third person), "Duke Cannon doesn't spend all day typing emails on a laptop. And he damn well sure has never gotten a manicure." He builds V8 engines, 2-story decks, and large hunks of rough-cut soap modeled after the dirt-scrubbing, grit-scraping bars sent out to GIs during the Vietnam War. If you're in Duke's league, oily and sludged up from Man work--or maybe from going to town on an 8-pound bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows--you might like a Big Ass Brick of Soap too.

Bricks weigh 10 ounces and are made with steel cut grains to make it slightly less likely you'll drop it on your foot and break a toe in the shower. In addition to the aforementioned scents of Accomplishment and Naval Supremacy, Duke Cannon also makes soaps that smell like Victory and Productivity.

Big Ass Bricks of Soap are a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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The Horizontal Shower

In paradise, you take a Horizontal Shower. You lie on a smooth, warm slab of tile as 6 falls of water cascade like mermaid kisses onto your tired and thirsty skin. You choose their intensity and temperature, their pattern...

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Stone Forest Natural Bathtub

Stone Forest calls their bathtub "Natural" for its raw design, a rugged just-rolled-down-the-mountain aesthetic, rather than the precision-cut and polished-to-cold-industrial-modernity one we might expect from this type...

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My Shiney Hiney Brush Set

$16.88 - $19.98 from Amazon »

Well. I wouldn't argue it isn't dirty. I'm just not sure I care enough to go to the lengths required to make my hiney shiney. I think this cleansing brush set for the bunghole is geared towards women anyway, judging by...

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T-Rex Skull Shower Head

$20 from Etsy »

He may be dead and decomposed, but that doesn't mean T-Rex isn't still capable of spewing the stink off you. Roman Mirskiy creates his T-Rex Skull Shower Heads on a 3D printer. They're all made from high-quality ABS plastic...

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AquaDance Drencher Showerhead

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No, I am not showing you the AquaDance Drencher 3-setting 8" curved rainfall showerhead with waterfall mode just because it looks like a vagina....

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Stack - Infinite Soap Bars

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What if your bar of soap's slivered remains could transform from flat to stacked with no hassle, no waste, and no complex procedures or anesthesia? Simply and terrifically brilliant--like so many Kickstarter projects--Stack...

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Waterfall & Massage Shower Panel

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Ever heard anyone say, It's not the dress, it's the girl in the dress? I feel the same basically goes for showers--it's not the shower, it's the girl in the shower--only with a few exceptions. Like AKDY's shower panel...

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Nebia Atomized Water Showerhead

$299 from Nebia »

Nebia trademarked what they call H2MICRO technology. They say it takes the best parts of a shower and a steam room and sprays it out of overhead and portable wand nozzles in a way that will make you feel like you're in...

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Curvit Shower Space Expander

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Curvit is a clip system that holds shower curtains in a concave position, thereby increasing shower space by up to 50%. It's a simple, inexpensive, and discreet solution that arrives pre-assembled and installs in 3 steps...

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Magnetic Soap Holder

$48.08 from Amazon »

Now this looks like some soap beamed straight down from Captain Kirk's bathroom on the Starship Enterprise. It's hovering there in midair because the pyramid base of the holder has telekinetic powers. And also a couple...

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Kurgo Mud Dog Travel Shower

$11.69 from Amazon »

But, but, my whole purpose in life is to roll in mud, and then on your couch! Kurgo's Mud Dog Travel Shower aims to put a wrench in your dog's plan to bring his nice & dirty self home from the park or hike as is, and...

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Weener Kleener Soap

$9.99 from Amazon »

I don't think that's how you spell "wiener" or "cleaner", but I'm willing to overlook the mistake on account of the fact that my penis has been bugging me for its own soap ever since it got the wrong end of a bar I used...