Beer Shampoo

Posted: July 07, 2012
Duffy's Brew Beer Shampoo
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Apparently beer shampoo, unlike Bacon Lube, is more than just a novelty created from one of mankind's greatest gifts to mankind. Its reviews are overwhelmingly positive, particularly with regard to scent and post-cleansing tactile properties. Seattle's Elysian Brewing Company supplies the beer for Duffy's Brew grooming products, a Dragonstooth Stout with a sweet, but subdued caramel nose that's forged from bitter Cascade and Centennial hops, roasted barley, and rich malt. Mmm, sounds like a shampoo I might not even mind inadvertently inhaling as I belt out the chorus to "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" while lathering up.

Additional follicular restorative elements Duffy's Brew purports to imbue include volume-building vitamin B, proteins, and minerals, plus maltose and sucrose from the beer brewing process that enhance shine by tightening hair's cuticles.

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