AuraGlow LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Posted: August 29, 2019
AuraGlow LED Teeth Whitening Kit
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With AuraGlow your teeth will glow, and then they'll glow. This teeth whitening kit combines the active-ingredient-goo of white strips with the mouthpiece-style tray of whitening offerings from dentists' offices, and then adds its own lit twist with a glowing blue LED light system that expedites the whitening process.

AuraGlow kits come will all starter components necessary to start removing tooth stains caused by coffee, wine, soda, tea, and other oral perils of life. This includes the 5-bulb LED accelerator light and mouthpiece, 2 x 5 mL whitening syringes filled with 35% carbamide peroxide, and a storage case. The syringes contain enough gel for 20+ whitening treatments.

AuroGlow whitening entails squirting some of the carbamide peroxide into the top and bottom of the mouthpiece, which covers both top and bottom teeth, and biting down for 30 minutes a pop once a day. AuraGlow says you should start to see a little more pearly in your white after just the first whitening treatment.

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