Asswipes Flushable Hygiene Wipes

Posted: March 10, 2018
Asswipes Flushable Hygiene Wipes
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Asswipes look like some real sophisticated wet naps. They must be flushable wipes from the French. Probably pronounced Ass-wee-pays.

Aw, nope. It says Asswipes are "brought to you by the same trusted creator of the popular Fresh Balls line of products," and I know the French wouldn't name anything of theirs Fresh Balls. No, Asswipes are spun right here in the USA, from microcloth their makers say is up to 8 times stronger than other moist towelettes for your butt.

Asswipes are also infused with chamomile, cucumber, aloe, and vitamin E to keep your cheeks and crack as clean and smooth as their bio-degradable composition will keep your toilet's plumbing. They come in pouches of 45, with each flushable wipes measuring 7-1/4" square, or large enough to tackle those chili cheese nachos you had last night for dessert.

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