Anti-Sweat Armpit Stickers

Posted: December 14, 2013
Anti-Sweat Armpit Stickers

Would discovering a girl is wearing anti-sweat armpit stickers in the middle of making out with her be better or worse than discovering she's wearing a heavily padded bra? I can't decide. Both would be incredibly disappointing. Well, not disappointing enough to stop. That would take, like, a flesh-eating disease or a surprise wiener, but...still kind of a letdown. And while on the one hand wearing a sticker that hides one's sweat and prevents pit stains isn't altering one's body type or engaging in deliberate trickery as stuffing one's bra is, on the other, at least stuffing one's bra doesn't mean that one has some unsavory sweating disease.

Yeah, it's a toss-up.

So before us it appears that overactive armpit sweat glands of the world--or at least of Japan--have united to develop Sara-ri Nudy Armpit Stickers. The adhesive pads come in sets of 20, and are intended for direct armpit application to block and/or trap perspiration before it creates an embarrassing amoebic outline on the wearer's shirt.

Armpit sticker removal is easy too: just rip it off.

Blood clotting preparations should be held on standby.

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