Zelda Engagement Chest & Rupee Ring Box

Posted: March 03, 2015
Zelda Chest with Sound & Rupee Ring Box
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Will you be mine in holy nerd matrimony? In sickness (in which case I will give you some Red, Blue, or Green Potion) and in health (in which case I will guard your health bar with my Master Sword), in good Hyrulian times and in bad, 'til death do us part?

Profess your love and commitment to an eternity of NES bliss Legend of Zelda style with this handmade Zelda chest from Zach Cruse of IndyFurniture. Not to be outdone by the iconic exterior aesthetics, the wooden chest opens to even more fanfare with lights, classic Zelda sound effects, and the be all, end all of video game tributes: a "floating" Red Rupee engagement ring box.

Zelda chest dimensions are approximately 12" x 9" x 10". The Red Rupee engagement ring box is removable from its internal mount for a more intimate presentation, and is fitted with interior foam padding to secure the ring in place. The box is held shut by a pair of small magnets.

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