T.HANKS Thank You Card

Posted: November 26, 2016
T.HANKS Thank You Card
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'Tis the season of giving, and the season of gratitude. A time to hide presents under the tree, and a time to say thank you for those with your name on them. Or, if you're a cool kid like Allen Bauer, Josh Baskin, Det. Scott Turner, Jimmy Dugan, Forrest Gump, and Sheriff Woody, you might just say "T.HANKS."

One woman print (and pun) shop artist Jess of ECTOPLASMICprints creates the T.HANKS thank you card, along with a ton of other pop culture-appropriate occasion greeting cards, from her original hand drawn marker and acrylic paint illustrations. She prints her artwork on 60lb. Polar Matte paper. T.HANKS measures 5" x 7", and comes with his own proportionately sized envelope. I think its name is Wilson.

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