Street Art Walls Notebook

By: on September 03, 2011
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Practice your best Banksy rip-off on 80+ pages of New York City walls in this cleverly designed notebook. I guess if you come up with something decent, you can search out the real scene and replicate it. Then go to jail.

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Chewbacca Journal

$25.65 from Amazon »

The Chewbacca Journal presents, Wookiee Deep Thoughts: Waag ahyeg ha. Wua ga ma uma ahuma ooma. RRRrrruurgh! Arrggg! Translation: The two best times to keep your mouth shut are when you are swimming and when you are angry....

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Wipebook - Whiteboard Notebook

$40.99 - $48.99 from Amazon »

Wipebook poses the question, "You know how creative people use whiteboards to generate cool amazing ideas?" And I ask the question, "You know how creative people with cool amazing ideas who can't draw, or even really...

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Glow In The Dark Graffiti

Sold Out from Amazon »

The nocturnal trouble maker's dream. Powered with UV light, you can now tarnish bridges, overpasses and subway stations without fear of your genius being hidden once the sun goes down. It's very complicated vandalism...

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Ron English's Vandalism Starter Kit

$12.95 from Amazon »

Ron English is the father of POPaganda, a term he coined himself to describe his clever, eye-POPping artwork that mashes up the best and worst of POP culture. Ron English's Vandalism Starter Kit converts some of his finest...

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S**t I Gotta F**king Get Done Notebook

$9.95 from Cool Material »

By the dawn's early light I sit toiling to put together a sharp, informative, borderline offensive--though mostly to people I don't really care about offending--description of this Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebook...

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The Inspiration Pad

$30 from TM »

If you're in search of your next great idea and don't happen to be sitting under an incandescent lightbulb suspended in mid-air, maybe the Inspiration Pad can help. Breaking all the rules of the college-ruled, this notebook...

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Paperback - iPhone Post-It Notes

$7.95 from I Love Handles »

Although I recently made the astute observation that no one uses pens to write things down anymore, now that these Paperback sticky notes will allow us to merge ink with our iPhones, it's possible some people will reacquire...