STORY Levitating Timepiece

Posted: February 17, 2017
$399 - $499
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Remember FLYTE the levitating lightbulb? Its creators have expanded their free-floating repertoire from Edison to Einstein with this levitating timepiece. STORY is a magnet-guided metal ball that rotates around a wooden base to count the minutes, hours, days, and years of our lives.

In addition to its sick horizontal hovering skills, this STORY of time stands out for its complete user-controlled operation. You can customize its orbit manually or via mobile app, setting it to complete in the standard 12-hour period, move more slowly to reflect a full 24-hour day, or tick it way, way down to track a full year. Similarly, you can speed up the STORY to complete a rotation in increments as little as a minute.

In addition to the general visualization of time the STORY sphere provides, the clock also has an LED Matrix for displaying the exact time or date through the wood surface. Turn it permanently on or off, or schedule it to appear intermittently as the sphere moves. You can set STORY's sphere to operate in 3 primary modes:

  • Journey Mode. A countdown to an event. Summer. Your trip to Italy. The birth of your child / death of your social life.
  • Clock Mode. The levitating sphere rotates incrementally by the hour, and you have the option of showing or hiding the digital time display.
  • Timer Mode. Set your pasta's boil time, set the number of minutes you've determined you need to talk to your mama on the phone to keep her happy, and yourself from going insane.

FLYTE tackled STORY's engineering with "an intricate dance of magnetic magic [that] guides the chrome sphere while it moves around its orbit." I know. Sounds a little light on the science to me too. I hope that just means they're secretive, not that they're still sorta kinda unclear themselves on how working STORYs are gonna get made and shipped to backers.

Speaking of which, STORY seeks backing here on Kickstarter through April 1, 2017. I know. I hope they don't come out on the day the campaign ends all April Fool's!!!! too.

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