Star Trek Towels

Posted: June 01, 2012
Star Trek Towels

What's the first thing you like to think of when you step out of the shower? If you said William Shatner, have I got a bath towel for you. Star Trek Towels turn drying off after bath time, beach time, and backyard dunk tank time into a statement of Command Gold, Ops/Security Red, or Sciences Blue Starfleet reverence. Designed and fabricated with 100% Earth cotton by Alpha Centauri's Lerithan Textiles, each towel is emblazoned with its division insignia, and trimmed in black to mirror the dashing smartness of the Star Trek uniform that inspired it.

Ahhh, maybe standard issue towels will be the key to a little nonstandard fun in the sun--and under the stars--with the Deanna Troi lookalike who sits next to me on the bus, and occasionally turns my way when she has to cough or sneeze....

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