Ron English's Vandalism Starter Kit

Posted: September 19, 2016
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Ron English is the father of POPaganda, a term he coined himself to describe his clever, eye-POPping artwork that mashes up the best and worst of POP culture. Ron English's Vandalism Starter Kit converts some of his finest parodies of American brands and culture into stickers. So now you can decorate your laptops, skateboards, notebooks, and friend Cornelius' back with colorful street art depictions of Coco Puffed Paunch (Cocoa Puffs) and Yucky Children Charmer (Lucky Charms).

Ron English's Vandalism Starter Kit is a more portable, pocket-sized follow-up to his first sticker art book, Stickable Art Offenses. It contains 90+ stickers, 100 images, and has been "affordably priced for the beginning miscreant."

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