R2D2 Flash Drive Cuff Links

Posted: December 21, 2012
R2D2 Flash Drive Cuff Links
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I guess because they're made of silver-plated enamel. Oh, and officially licensed by the Grand Poobahs of greed, Lucasfilm. That's the answer to your Why are R2D2 USB flash drive cuff links so effin' expensive?! question. For a fictitious, non-English-speaking robot, R2 never seems to come cheap. Both his water bottle self and his spandex skin for the ladies cost over $100, and even his baby romper likeness rings in at $48. At least the cuff links have a gadgety schtick in the form of 4 GB of USB storage.

The top third of each R2D2 cuff link slides out to reveal a 2 GB flash drive for stashing all of your button-hole-worthy data, photos, and music. Imagine attending a black tie event, and being able not only to wow those you meet with your spiffy blue and white Star Wars accessories, but also to pull them apart and regale the room with videos from your Edge Walk at the CN Tower to break the ice and get the good times rolling.

R2D2 flash drive cuff links have sturdy whale back closures, which aren't quite as cool as the handcuff key closures Uncuff Links have, but serve their purpose admirably nonetheless. The set comes in a black Star Wars gift box, and each link measures 3/4" high x 5/8" wide.

Muchas danke to Manny for wearing out our Dude Product Tips form.

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