Pita Bread Pencil Case

By: on April 30, 2013
Pita Bread Pencil Case
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I'm calling it a pita bread pencil case because 1) pita bread is often stuffed with gyro meat or chicken souvlaki, both of which are superlatively delicious, and I would be very happy if my pencils and pens and crayons started reminding me of Greek food and 2) the specific name of the rolled dough that houses writing tools and other personal effects is ashtanur, which is a local pita bread of Jerusalem, and a word I'm 98% sure 98% of us have never heard before in our lives. It sounds like a yoga pose or some kooky form of meditation to me. One time my old boss went to No Talking Camp in Oregon. I don't remember what its real name is but everyone who goes there has to do farm chores and meditate and not talk. They pay a lot of money to do this. What a crock.

The pita bread/ashtanur pencil case looks real enough to make me hungry, and even though it is made of cotton instead of flour, if I owned one I would likely gnaw on it from time to time. Unrolled, the case is fitted with elastic webbing to keep snug up to 10 items, including USB drives, keys, makeup, hobo knives, and LED lightsaber chopsticks.