Nintendo Controller Briefcase

By: on July 29, 2012

If you're gonna make a Nintendo Controller Briefcase, might as well make it look like one that should be handcuffed to the carrier's wrist. There's no way anyone's getting through TSA without a cavity search carrying this piece of wads-of-cash-kilos-of-cocaine-12-Monkeys-virus-filled excellence. That said, listen up, cavity search seekers: Nintendo Controller Briefcase creator Super Sock has announced that what lies before us is the one and only personal affairs carrying case of its kind. Never before has, and, as it will not be duplicated, never again will another NES gem like this exist. So basically, get 'er while she's hot.

Or be prepared to make Super Sock a pecuniary offer s/he can't refuse.

Thin, lightweight wood gave life and structure to the Nintendo Controller Briefcase, which then received coatings and detailing from outdoor paint and acrylics. Controller design elements were covered in contact liner for further surface protection. The attache case's handle is a mash of super rubber, red key rings, and reusable bags sewn together for support. Unlatch the buckles to reveal an interior lined with faux rabbit fur and naked Burt Reynolds sprawled on top of it. Haha, yeah 60-year-old women, you wish.

Laptops 15" or smaller will fit comfortably inside the briefcase, whose exterior measures 15.5" long x 12" tall x 3.25" wide. Super Sock recognizes the case has some imperfections, but given that no part of it was machine-made or fabricated in China, the flaws in the one-of-a-kind NES controller incarnation could be considered part of its art.

Kudos to the eagle eyes at Damn Geeky for spotting the Nintendo Controller Briefcase.

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