Dragons & Other Fantastic Creatures in Origami

Posted: January 04, 2016
Dragons & Other Fantastic Creatures in Origami
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When I first saw this Dragons and Other Fantastic Creatures in Origami how-to book I was like, Sweet, I'm gonna make me some paper dragons. Then I looked at the contents and saw all the other fantastic creatures also included in its step-by-steps, and you know what? I think I have just enough time to learn how to make my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, a Swift Wind Alicorn in origami for Valentine's Day. Yes, that's right. I'm going to present her with a piece of paper intricately folded into the mythical beast sidekick of her alter ego. Eat it, Hallmark.

Origami master John Montroll has compiled the instructions for building 27 original models of fantasy's most beloved creatures. Designs range from simple to complex and include 10 types of dragons, a wizard, an ogre, a unicorn / key to your girlfriend's heart, and a phoenix. Montroll abides by the single-square, no-cuts, no-glue approach to origami, so put away the scissors and the Elmer's and get ready to grab a stack of dead trees and dig in!

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