Color Changing Duct Tape

Posted: July 05, 2017
Color-Changing Duct Tape
$4.99 - $8.97
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Chameleon Skinz duct tape throws it back to my Hypercolor days. Like the T-shirts of yore, their line of color changing adhesives is heat-sensitive, with each tape's primary hue taking a spectral glide into another when it warms up. Orange becomes yellow, army green becomes neon green, and, for all the little ladies and unicorns out there, purple becomes pink.

Though more appropriate for crafty than handy projects - think purdy bracelets and personalized backpacks over ripped tents and front bumper repairs - Chameleon Skinz says their Color Changing Duct Tape is sticky and waterproof just like the standard gray stuff. Color changes are activated by touch, or any increase in duct tape surface temperature, such as my laptop spontaneously getting 50 degrees hotter like it's enjoying the porn on my screen as much as I am.

Color Changing Duct Tape measures 1.88" wide, and comes in 10-yard rolls.

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