Bodily Candles

Posted: March 27, 2015
Bodily Candles

Been looking for some tabletop art to spruce up the living room? How's about a pair of candles made from the ears of Sloth and the mouth of the fat lady's face Arnold wore in Total Recall? These odd waxen pieces, called Bodily Candles, almost match the one of Toht's melting face in the Most Disturbing Wicked Object category.

Sold singly in styles Disgusted Mouth and Ears, the Bodily Candles look only slightly more creepy while burning than they do just sitting there. So, yeah, a swell addition even to places you don't plan to light them, such as your desktop at work or the ledge of the toilet tank right before the fam comes over to your mama's house for Easter dinner. Candles are hand cast using layers of wax, so each one may present a subtly different skin tone. Disgusted Mouth is made from eco soya wax, whiles Ears grows from micro-crystalline wax.

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