Unicorn Head Mask

Posted: June 04, 2012
  • Unicorn Head Mask
  • Unicorn Head Mask
  • Unicorn Head Mask
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Product literature describes the Magical Unicorn Mask, a whole-head extravaganza of latex, as "vaguely disturbing." Uh, vaguely? For me, a mythical creature whose facial expression sort of makes it look like it's being sodomized hits a level of disturbing way higher than vague. How about profoundly disturbing?

Yet...somehow intriguing as well. And, when incorporated into the happiest day of a couple's life (both man and woman, and man and horse), sort of hilarious. The creeptastic creation sports a faux fur mane, and fits most adult heads. Great for costumes, pranks, and eradicating your kid's obsession with unicorns.

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