Tiny Hands

Posted: July 02, 2015
Tiny Hands
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Prosthetic hands are pretty popular. These days, even amongst people who aren't missing their own. And here to complete the irregularly-sized-hand gag triumvirate, previously consisting of Man Hands and Finger Hands, are Big Mouth Toys' Tiny Hands. The pair of palms and digits that "attach" to their wearer's body via joystick grips are hilarious because they've been shrunken to about half the size of normal hands. They're too small!

Speaking of halves--and somewhat ironically--two Tiny Hands is only about half as funny as One Tiny Hand. And these Tiny Hands are sold only as a duo. However, you could spin this to your advantage, sharing one of the set's hands with your friend Cornelius and making the bar rounds as a Tiny Hands Tag Team. High-fives and pattycake all around! (No rock, paper, scissors, please.)

Tiny Hands measures 4.25" long, with a 2" handle.

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