Lord of the Rings Sauron Armor Set

Posted: September 02, 2012

Antagonist. Necromancer. Lord of the Rings. SRG Armoury brings the darkness and malevolence of Tokien's Sauron to life in this custom-made Full Plate Armor Set. Constructed from 16 - 18 gauge mild steel, all suits are forged to order over the course of 3 to 5 months. Uses range from cosplay battle re-enactments to an art installation for deep pocketed fantasy die hards to a personal protection device primed to scare the ever-loving One Ring out of anyone who enters the Dark Lord's home uninvited.

Sauron Armor cost is listed at $9,999, though the vendor notes that final prices vary based on each buyer's desired use (e.g., art, live combat, etc.) and, in turn, armor sizing and measurements. Donning Sauron as a costume or for re-enactments requires a fitting session with SRG, as all pieces are tailored to body lengths, widths, and Base Master of Treachery worthiness.

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