Electronic Chewbacca Mask

Posted: May 20, 2016
Check It Out

Chewbacca fans, Star Wars fans, fans of witnessing the good in the world, you gotta watch the video. You gotta. I know the lady in it wastes minutes of your life rambling and cackling on about Kohl's clothing and her kid and the word "confiscate," and it might make you want to punch your screen in the face, but hang in there. Hang in there!

Or fast-forward to the 2:00 mark. That's where you'll see it.

Argghgh! Arrghhg!

The Electronic Chewbacca Mask.

Oh joyous Friday. Someone better get a mechanical engineering award for this thing.

Hasbro is the toy giant behind the official piece of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Chewbacca swag. And while they recommend it for kids ages 5 and up, I think we've just proven the mask will realistically transform anyone who can shove their face between its plastic jowls into the greatest wookiee of all time.

Once you've put it on, activate the electronic mask's wookiee speak just by opening your mouth. Wide for a roar, and then even wider for an Aarrr wgh ggwaaah! (According to Wookieepedia, that means Jump to hyperspace!)

The mask requires 2 x AAA batteries to operate.

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