Cry Baby Mask

Posted: October 16, 2014
Cry Baby Mask
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Landon Meier's Baby Head Masks have become our creepiest, and possibly most popular costume post ever. But for those unwilling to pay the $350 piper for one, or those not quite mean enough to make the rest of the Halloween partygoers cry along with them...in terror...all night long, this Cry Baby Mask from ZooBoo is significantly less expensive, and slightly less disturbing. It's also made of latex and probably hotter than a saran-wrapped nut sack on the 4th of July, so both wearer and onlookers should get breaks from it throughout the evening.

The Cry Baby Mask is one size and one wail fits all. In addition to Halloween events it can be worn to pep rallies, during eternally scarring pranks, and at sporting events. Particularly sporting events containing the masks' brethren, Tom Brady and LeBron James.

Ironically, the Cry Baby head is listed as a choking hazard and not advised for use by children.

The Cry Baby Mask is a top Dude Gift for Halloween pick.

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