The Scent of Departure

By: on April 27, 2012

Probably the 20 cities essenced and bottled in the Scent of Departure unisex cologne line are real-life olfactory dreams. Mmm, Jovial Munich, hinting of fat yeasty pretzels and vats of malt and hops. Spicy Budapest, with its chicken paprikash meandering through the breeze. Who doesn't want to smell like Hefeweizen and homemade Eastern European dinner?

Yeah...I wouldn't either. Which is why The Scent of Departure's entire concept seems like a bit of a risk, even if all of its releases prove to be schnoz-friendly. I mean, do pleasant thoughts come to mind when news breaks that 1.7-ounce concentrated servings of metropolitan area smells are now available for purchase? Anyone ever heard of the Tacoma aroma?

But I suppose the allure of Eau d'International Travel Destination is just that. These are cities people descend upon in droves because they have, in one way or another, been kissed by magnificence. Because they merit a condensed and liquified alter ego. And thanks to Scent of Departure, those of us who have been to some of the greatest cities on earth can now inhale the spirit of our experiences whenever we want, while those of us who haven't can use colognes as our metaphorical tunnels to China.

Just a few spritzes of Paris, and we'll smell the white flowers and delicate leaves doe-eyed romantics take in as they walk the gardens of the Tuileries. A quick mist of Tokyo, and we're transported to a world of exotic flora and citrus splashes Armani-suited businessmen enjoy over a bowl of udon soup and mental calculations of the yen pouring in from the sales of their pee batteries. Or a wash of Abu Dhabi, and we're suddenly lost in the bergamot and light brushes of jasmine Odie smells from inside the FedEx store.

Follow the link below to see a listing of the 20 Scent of Departure cities. All use a melange of natural perfumes to build their distinct and distinguished aromas, except the Los Angeles cologne, which is crushingly perfect, but 100% fake.

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Great City Maps

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"Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see." Know who said that? It wasn't Christopher Columbus, or Mark Twain, or Rick...

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Sure F**k Cologne

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Sure Fuck Cologne is a self-described "cool fresh manly scent that thrusts women into a crazy hot SEXUAL FRENZY!" Whoa. That's specific. They even put "sexual frenzy" in all caps like it is when I think it over and over...

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Spray the Bi*ch Away Aromatherapy Perfume

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Dude. When I saw the name "Spray the Bitch Away" for this bottle of aromatherapy perfume I thought it was for men with mean wives and girlfriends, or crazy exes. I thought it would be the perfect Anti-Valentine's Day...

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Nasal Nausea - Military-Grade Stink Solution

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Who wants to dissipate a crowd? Shorten the line to get into Comic-Con? Gain some alone time with the Mona Lisa at the Louvre? Convince the cop you really were going 120 in response to massive GI issues? Nasal Nausea...

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Solaris Lockstone Fragrance Bracelets

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Sexes, styles, and personas collide in the Solaris Lockstone braceleta. These pieces give a nod to the night sky encircling wrists with a choice of dark and dreamy semi-precious stones leading to a series of personal...

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Sunoco Burnt Rubber Cologne

"Steel on steel on rubber on road." And also some sweetness and spice so you won't make the ladies gag. Sunoco Burnt Rubber Cologne seeks to bottle the essence of racing so you can enjoy your fast and furious experiences...

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Dark Ride - Theme Park Cologne

$64 from Xyrena »

In explaining the motivation behind their Dark Ride, a cologne they describe as a scented mashup of Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, Splash Mountain, and all of your favorite theme park water rides, fragrance...

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Swallowable Parfum

Swallowable Parfum is a capsule that, when ingested, releases perfumed scents through its host's pores. So instead of spritzing dewy showers of juniper and orange blossom onto your body, you'll be able to sweat aromatic...

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Sex Panther Cologne

$55.77 from Amazon »

I've heard that a certain percentage of the time this stuff works every time. That's what I've heard. I'm not sure what those exact percentages are though. Oh, okay... I'm being told it's 60% of the time. Those are good...

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A Burglar's Guide to the City

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Looking for a new pastime? I wouldn't say Geoff Manaugh's A Burglar's Guide to the City is a how-to manual for breaking into and thieving buildings, but...that's only because I don't want to be considered an accomplice...

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F**k Me Perfume

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In the words of the great Marcy Playground, "I smell sex and can-dy." Or is that sex and cran-ber-ries? With tonka mousse and a hint of Tuscan blood orange. From the perfumers and the sexologists who brought you Sure...

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Erox Arousal Body Spray

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Erox is a unisex body spray that synergizes scents of grapefruit, bergamot, pepper, lavender, and amber with actual human pheromones. It's like Axe with pseudo-pop-scientific research, and reality-TV vixen Adrienne Curry...