Star Trek Sulu Pour Homme Cologne

Posted: November 14, 2013
Star Trek Sulu Pour Homme Excelsior! Cologne
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Hikaru Sulu: master of botany. Of gymnastics. Of ancient weaponry. Of advanced starship manipulation. And now, of perfume. The logical next step. Excelsior! Onward and upward!

Sulu Pour Homme is an officially licensed Star Trek cologne spray. Pour Homme indicates its intended dermal receptors are of the male variety, but I think it's OK for Intergalactic Women of Mystery to test drive the scent too. Alternatively, honorary Starfleet members who seek to reek more authoritatively can opt for the base notes of leather and grey musk in Star Trek Red Shirt cologne. And ladies who desire to emit wafts of juicy nectarine, tropical orchid, and mirabelle plum may prefer the Star Trek Pon Farr eau de parfum.

I notice Spock does not have a trademark cologne. Which must mean one of two things. Either he smells barnyard wretched, or the world simply is not ready for that odiferous jelly.

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