Erox Arousal Body Spray

By: on January 23, 2012
Erox Arousal Perfume
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Erox is a unisex body spray that synergizes scents of grapefruit, bergamot, pepper, lavender, and amber with actual human pheromones. It's like Axe with pseudo-pop-scientific research, and reality-TV vixen Adrienne Curry, behind it to help convince you your days of grunting through Demon Bell workouts, and battling your WiFi scale are over. All you really need to transform yourself into a specimen chemically irresistible to the opposite sex is $35.95 and a 40mL spray bottle of Erox special sauce. If you're not quite sold, the website also posts feedback from the fragrance's beta testers. Some highlights: "Incidentally, I went to the ER last night while still wearing Erox. I got some VIP treatment." "The effects were immediate, we ended up wrestling like horny teen-agers." And, our personal favorite: "Despite my failure, I still think that Erox is totally awesome."

The spray's active ingredients are three pheromones--Androstadienone (ADO), Estratetraenol (ETE), and Muricin Anglycone (ER303)--that supposedly latch onto chemosensory receptors in your nose, which then trigger your brain to release your giddiest, lustiest neurotransmitters, and associate this pleasantly sexy state of mind with the person emitting the Erox. So basically, smelling Erox has the same effect as shooting tequila. But without the hangover. But still with the potential morning-after regret.

Sensitivity Chip Check: If you're going to buy Erox as a Valentine's Day gift, it's going to be for yourself, not for someone else, right?