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By: on January 13, 2013
  • Yoda Hoodie
  • Yoda Hoodie
  • Yoda Hoodie
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Hand-sewn Yoda heads atop plush tan sweatshirts we will wear. Those of us who carry the Force will anyway. And with the Yoda Hoodies' slouchy front pockets, we'll even have a place to stuff it for safekeeping. Erin Maynard carefully assembles and affixes the cranial likeness of the wisest non-human ever to exist in non-reality to cozy pullovers sized small to extra large. Each sweatshirt is made to order, so slight variations may occur from Yoda to Yoda, but Maynard promises to stitch her pieces into the most perfect and respectful nods to the Star Wars series that she can. Every hoodie will be a unique and resplendent homage to the ultimate Jedi master, who is happy to be donned both on top of his wearers' heads or relaxed at the nape of their necks.

Yoda also likes, um, having his ears ironed to keep them from getting wrinkly.

It always works that way, doesn't it? The greatest and most talented are also the biggest weirdos.

At printing, Yoda Hoodie turnaround time was approximately 20 business days from order to shipping. Also at printing, the world of ornate Star Wars sweatshirts was mysteriously bereft of laudable Yodas. Chewie has proper--albeit pricey--representation. So do Vader and R2. But in my extensive trolling of the Internet, I've seen shockingly few pieces of Yoda-themed everyday wear. And those that are out there somehow just don't live up to the subtle, endearing geekiness of Maynard's hoodie. It is clear the Fleece is with her. May the Fleece be with you too.

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