Together Wear Hugging Hoodie

Posted: April 09, 2016
Together Wear Hugging Hoodie
$69 - $139
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It was our early experiences with winter that first taught us about hugging a loved one to stay warm, and our early experiences with 80s denim that first taught us about sticking a hand in a loved one's back pocket to look cool. Together Wear pays well deserved homage to both, plus adds a new feature or two, with their Hugging Hoodies.

Roomy, soft, cozy, zip-up or pullover, pockets in the front for you, and--bam! pockets in the back for her. Or him. Or you on hers. Or you on his. Hugging Hoodies' back pockets give your special someone a place to slide in his or her special hands to warm up, get extra close, or, if you're being cheesing like Together Wear, "feel as one while remaining two."

Hugging Hoodies seek crowdfunding on Kickstarter through May 27, 2016. Backers have a choice between Classic and Zip-up styles, both of which are unisex and available in 5 different colors.

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