The Quarter Century 25-Year-Guarantee Pants

By: on February 27, 2015
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Quarter Century pants are just like every other pair of pants you own, except you'll still be wearing Quarter Centuries long after every other pair of pants you own has been relegated to: weekends only; the back of the closet; painting the living room; Goodwill; and the big fashion house in the sky. Quarter Century pants were designed to last in accordance with the dictionary definition of their name. And makers RPMWEST are so confident they'll live up to it that the company isn't just throwing around names, but 25-year guarantees to match.

According to RPMWEST, what makes Quarter Century pants endure for 25 years is their 3-Ply 100% cotton twill fabric construction. The company calls this an "extremely rare" fabric that weighs in at a tough and hefty 280 grams, but has "an amazing soft feel" rather than one I would have guessed to be somewhere between a hairshirt and dried sea urchins. Each pair comes with a 25-year durability guarantee, meaning that RPMWEST will repair them free of charge at any point during that time.

Quarter Century pants are made in Los Angeles, CA, and are running as a Kickstarter campaign through March 15, 2015. Pledge for yours in khaki, forest green, stone grey and charcoal, and get a pair of the age defiers at their wholesale price. Retail price post-production will be around $200 a pop.

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Romance Pants

Team Instructables, evil geniuses o' Romance Pants, I bow down to your ingenuity and hilarity. The legit player's ultimate accessory, Romance Pants dim a room's lighting and raise its stereo volume when their zip fly...

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Saint Unbreakable Motorcycle Jeans

$175 - $360 from Saint »

When Saint calls their motorcycle jeans "unbreakable," they mean it without jest or hyperbole. And they're willing to put their body weight, their belt grinder, their X-acto knife, and their brute force where their mouth...

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Lace Skull & Crossbones Pants

Sold Out from Amazon »

Plea to All Women: I implore you to buy these pants. And wear them in my presence. White, lace, skulls. They're the trifecta of my fantasies. Throw in flowing, partially see-through, and looking to be very soft, and I...

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$99 - $199 from DrumPants »

We all tap our feet, our thighs, our chests, and the asses of the opposite sex if they are amenable to it anyway, so why not create an instrument that returns a more audible, rich, and percussive sound than that of flesh...

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Diet Star Diet Belt

$19 from Donkey »

Here's a wearable health tracker for you. Super low tech. Even your mama can figure out how to use the Diet Star diet belt. And she's gonna need to because...

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DU/ER Performance Denim & No Sweat Pants

$120 - $129 from dish & DU/ER »

dish & DU/ER sent me a review pair of their N2X No Sweat Pants, and here's how I tested them out: I wore them to Thanksgiving dinner. Three plates and two pieces of apple pie...a la mode...later, I still didn't feel the...

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Cel Shaded Jeans

$158.43 from Etsy »

Need your video games and comic books on you at all times? Deja Neuf Heures has come up with a slightly different way to accomplish that: hand-painted cel shaded jeans....

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Dress Pants Sweatpants

$90 from Beta Brand »

Boredom meets the boardroom with these stylish yet comfortable dress pant sweatpants. These chameleons of the fashion world, at first glance, look like fine charcoal wool trousers. But don't tell your legs that. They're...

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Olivers All Over Short

The Olivers All Over Short is like your favorite buddy to hang with: up for anything; ready to go; and all in. These performance trunks stretch 4 ways, and have called in for bar tack reinforcements at stress points...

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Pando Moto Kevlar-Lined Motorcycle Jeans

$244 from Pando Moto »

Like Pando Moto's Karl Desert motorcycle jeans? Their stylin' Cordura denim outer layer pairs with Coolmax technology to help keep you from sweating your balls off while riding, plus panels of Kevlar at key areas along...

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Ledge Stretchy, Stainproof Pants


While my immediate concern upon spilling an entire cup of coffee on my crotch is searing the hair off my balls and neutralizing my baby-making potential, once I stop screaming and have received a pudding pop to console...

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Upton Handmade Belts

$110 - $130 from Upton »

"American leather, Italian tanning, Texan hands." Upton Belts launched its online brand of custom-sized not-accessories just this year. The company hopes men (and women!) who wear their designs will discover they can...