The Quarter Century 25-Year-Guarantee Pants

Posted: February 27, 2015
The Quarter Century 25-Year-Guarantee Pants

Quarter Century pants are just like every other pair of pants you own, except you'll still be wearing Quarter Centuries long after every other pair of pants you own has been relegated to: weekends only; the back of the closet; painting the living room; Goodwill; and the big fashion house in the sky. Quarter Century pants were designed to last in accordance with the dictionary definition of their name. And makers RPMWEST are so confident they'll live up to it that the company isn't just throwing around names, but 25-year guarantees to match.

According to RPMWEST, what makes Quarter Century pants endure for 25 years is their 3-Ply 100% cotton twill fabric construction. The company calls this an "extremely rare" fabric that weighs in at a tough and hefty 280 grams, but has "an amazing soft feel" rather than one I would have guessed to be somewhere between a hairshirt and dried sea urchins. Each pair comes with a 25-year durability guarantee, meaning that RPMWEST will repair them free of charge at any point during that time.

Quarter Century pants are made in Los Angeles, CA, and are running as a Kickstarter campaign through March 15, 2015. Pledge for yours in khaki, forest green, stone grey and charcoal, and get a pair of the age defiers at their wholesale price. Retail price post-production will be around $200 a pop.

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