The Little Mermaid Ariel Bikini

By: on June 03, 2015
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If any lady wearing this Ariel bikini wants to be part of our world, I think I speak for most dudes when I say, Come on in! The seashell swim top and sexily-scaled mermaid bottoms are instantly recognizable as nods to the hottest of all Disney princesses. Equally recognizable to everyone in my office: the reason behind the sudden and awkward shifting that ensued shortly after I saw the suit.

Ariel's purple bikini top is a halter with ties at the neck and back. Bottoms--my singular complaint--are Granny-style and will likely cover up their wearer's belly ring and tailbone tatt. The two pieces are sold separately; tops here, bottoms here.

Muchas danke to Fashionably Geek.

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aRks 3D Printed Bikinis

aRks 3D has prototyped a series of 3D printed bikinis they call Coral. And I know what all the dudes out there are thinking: that's some Coral I'd sure like to come across in the ocean. In stark contrast what's running...

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Sexy Chest Swimsuit

$59.95 from Amazon »

A sexy man chest to caress and a sexy swimsuit to wear to your next pool outing - talk about having your cake and eating it too, ladies. Good for more than just a few laughs or you next gag gift, the Sexy Chest Swimsuit...

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Sharkini Swimsuit

$120 from Bad Aby Designs »

Sharks are scary. Girls are scary. Gaaahhh! It's the worst hybrid ever! To all Dude Facebook readers who expressed sentiments of peeved off at our posting of a Sharkini photo without information about where to throw wads...

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Finfolk Custom Mermaid Tails

By what magnitude would the awesomeness of mud wrestling increase if all the ladies participating got to wear a Finfolk Productions 100% dragonskin and platinum cure silicone mermaid tail? Muddy, slippery, rolling on...

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Silicone Swimming Fingers

Sold Out from Amazon »

While they don't boast the superhero aesthetic of Darkfin Gloves--more like the hand-got-tangled-up-in-a-jellyfish aesthetic--these Silicone Swimming Fingers consume a lot less room both in your bag and on your body than...

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Little Mermaid Ariel Costume

Sold Out from Etsy »

I've never been into the whole mermaid thing... until now. The shells were hand carved, then molded, and each shell is hand cast in a plastic resin. The shells come painted in whatever colors you would like and will fit...

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Reversible Sequin Mermaid Pillows

Sold Out from Amazon »

These reversible sequin Mermaid Pillows are like a tactile Etch-A-Sketch made from a drag queen's donations to Goodwill! They're covered in two-sided, two-toned sequins that flip when you run your hands and fingers along...

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Wonder Woman Bikini

$39.47 from Amazon »

Hello, warrior princess of the Amazons. And that's putting it mildly. Were Wonder Woman to constrict me in the grips of her Lasso of Truth I might have some lengthier, more, uh...carnally colorful...things to say about...

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Mermaid Glass

$7.28 from Amazon »

I remember the first time I saw Daryl Hannah walking naked around the Statue of Liberty in Splash. I thought I would have an erection for the rest of my life. But then later in the movie, when she's mermaided out in the...

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Mermaid Swim Fin

$29.99 from Amazon »

Could we get these Mermaid Swim Fins in a color other than powder pink, please? Because I would maybe like to wear one. Also, could we get some females over the age of 18 to model them, please? Because I would maybe like...

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Princess Leia Slave Tank Top

Sold Out from Amazon »

Get in the spirit of summer festivals and San Diego Comic-Con without spending a fortune. Or dropping trou. Here the iconic Princess Leia slave costume gets a more modest tank top treatment. Flesh-colored torso, bikini-clad...

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Mickey Mouse Light Bulb

Despite his perpetually sunny outlook, Mickey Mouse always seems to get screwed. His likeness on this light bulb might be the final blow following his and Minnie's divorce proceedings. Did you hear about that? Mickey...