Tauntaun Hoodie

Posted: March 08, 2014
Tauntaun Hoodie
$59.99 - $64.99
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Defining characteristics of Hoth's tauntauns include a 4-pack of nostrils and a foul body odor. So. Who wants to wear a tauntaun zip-up hoodie? Stamped on the inside by a tauntaun intestines lining? On the upshot, I hear the ladies love external representations of internal parts of the human anatomy. And their white fur coats, interpreted here as a 60% cotton and 40% polyester textile, will probably keep you warm.

Members of the Rebel Alliance, it's time to bask in the smell, skin, innards, and snot chambers of your favorite cold-climate transporters. The latest in Star Wars beast hoodies comes in cream and grey two-tone with raglan-style sleeves, kangaroo pockets, and a blue lightsaber zipper. But obviously the highlight is a giant horned tauntaun head serving as the zip-up's hood and your ticket to instant street cred the next time you run into a herd of yaks.

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